Tuesday, May 05, 2009

St. Paul Slam Finals Recap

MN Mic will have a more in-depth recap, I'm sure. Just the facts:

This year, the (notoriously good) St. Paul National Poetry Slam team will be [NAMES DELETED SO NO ONE CAN RESEARCH US... not my idea, but whatever]. ...Unless any of us decide to go out for Minneapolis, which is possible since their slam finals are next Tuesday (the 12th) at Kieran's.

I ended up winning the slam by a tenth of a point.

Recap from me: I did "The Plan," a new, fairly-straightforward love poem in the first round and got a pretty low score. Then I did "Coyotes," an old/new piece (wrote it a long time ago, but revised it just recently) about men's responsibility to stop violence against women before it starts and not just get mad about it after it happens, and got a pretty high score, enough to get into the third round at least.

Then we had clean slates. I really wanted to do all-new stuff, but I chickened out and did "The Family Business" and "Starfish," the two poems I'm probably best known for. I got about eight new poems this year that I really like, but they're all just a notch below those two, in my opinion. And since there were a whole lot of new faces in the audience, I figured repeating myself a little wouldn't hurt. And I guess it didn't.

So I won, but I don't feel 100% great about it. Mlekoday, it pains me to say, probably had the best poems of the night. 6 is 9 and Sierra were great as always too. Gary Dop, who is the new face, someone I've only heard one other time, was really great; he had some funny stuff, but his serious pieces were chilling, maybe because we were all expecting more funny stuff.

All in all, it was a fun slam. Huge audience all the way up until the end. The best part was that since I made the team, I got to get on the mic at the end and promote my upcoming EP release show, SATURDAY the 9th AT THE NOMAD (9pm; $5; 21+). When it's over, I won't talk about it any more.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the win! Don't beat yourself up about not using all new stuff, the best know when they are ready to read something in public. When it feels right, it will be right.

Inky said...

For real? I *get* not putting up video of the event, but not even putting up your names? Someone is well on their way to paranoid schizophrenic if that's how they're playing the game.