Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Soundset Report-Back

Photo jacked from SoundsetFestival.com:
For those curious, Soundset went really ridiculously well, at least from my perspective. Me and Big Cats! got there at 9am and milled about for a few hours before being able to set up our equipment, which of course stopped working for no reason. But that's hip hop; sometimes you have to improvise. And we did.

11am the DJ started (King Otto) and the doors opened. I snuck outside for a second and saw the line, which was just insanely long. As I've said at shows, I LOVE the people who show up early or on time for hip hop shows. They're the best people in the universe.

We were on at noon, which I thought was going to kill us-- most people just getting there, many not yet arrived, everyone checking out the booths and the layout of the show, Toki Wright on the other stage at the same time-- lots of factors against us. But it really ended up being a blessing in disguise. It was a big day, and a lot of anticipation was built up, so going first allowed us to benefit from all that built-up excitement. We had a huge crowd, and I thought our set went pretty flawlessly.

Had Big Cats! as the DJ/live MPC guy, See More Perspective as hypeman (and snuck in a few verses) and a guest appearance from Chantz. I even remembered to shout out all the stuff I wanted to shout out (Hip Hop Against Homophobia on 6/13 at the Bedlam and 6/27 at the Depot, buy our CDs, big ups to the label, let's get more women on stage next year).

We sold and/or gave away all our merch, which is always good. I left early, because I don't like sunlight or crowds. But had a great time.

I'll post photos when I get some.

Next show is Thursday 5/28 at Club Underground; KFAI community radio fundraiser w/ Chastity Brown, Jelloslave and See More Perspective.

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