Friday, May 08, 2009

marking calendars: Fong Lee rally, Arte Sin Fronteras, EP release party

~Monday, May 11 from 8:45am until 9:45am at the Warren E. Burger Federal Building & United States Courthouse:
From Bao Phi:
Fong Lee was a 19 year old Hmong man who was shot to death by a Minneapolis police officer who was given a Medal of Valor for killing him. The reasons why the police officers approached Fong Lee in the first place strongly suggests racial profiling. The police sped across the playground in their cruiser and rammed Fong Lee's bicycle, causing him to fall from it. Fong Lee ran from the officers, and Officer Jason Anderson evidently shot him three times in the back as he ran away, then five more times in the chest as he lay on the ground.

The officer claims that Fong Lee had a gun in his hand. There are numerous discrepancies here. Watching the video, there is no gun in Fong Lee's possession. There was no fingerprints or DNA from Fong Lee on the gun, and the gun itself was traced back - to the possession of the Minneapolis Police Department itself. The community had long alleged that the officers planted the gun to justify the murder of Fong Lee.

Well, it looks like the judge threw out many of the claims:
A lot of community folks and family members have been working hard on bringing this case to light, and there will be a rally this Monday. Please come and support, and spread the word far and wide.

~Saturday, May 9 from 5pm until 10pm at El Colegio Charter School:
A visual and performance arts fundraiser for immigrant rights
Exhibition, Art Sale, Peformances, Film Screening of "Un Poquito de
Tanta Verdad"
$7 donation at door, $5 donation for film only
El Colegio Charter School, 4137 Bloomington Avenue South, Mpls
Call 651-287-0660 for more info

Then of course there's the EP release party at the Nomad, Saturday, May 9 at 9pm. Featuring me, Big Cats! and our band, plus Chastity Brown, See More Perspective, the Tribe and Chantz. 21+, $5

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