Saturday, May 02, 2009

Chantz, Wolverine, Fall Out Boy, Poetry Slams, Twitter, etc.

So great show last night; me and Chastity Brown (along with her trio) played at Motherfools in Madison. Had a lot of fun; saw a lot of old friends. Big thanks to those who came out. Got my hot spicy cheesebread from the farmers' market the next day too. Didn't have to womp anyone in the face, even though it was the Mifflin Block Party and the streets were clogged with duuuudes. Had some chicken-fried chicken, which I suspect was actually chicken-fried-chicken-fried chicken. All in all, Madison is lovely... especially the parts where we're eating. Might have to stop at Dotty's for a basil pesto burger on the way back to the TC tomorrow. Anyways, a couple of random updates:

1. Chantz, one of the funniest, most talented and swag-tastic emcees in the Twin Cities, is officially on our label (Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records; new website) now. Yes, we are the X-men. Chantz is Iceman because he's the youngest. If you haven't heard him yet, click his name and check out some songs, or come to the "Start a Fire" EP release party on May 9 at the Nomad; he'll be performing.

2. St. Paul Poetry Slam FINALS on May 4 at the Artists' Quarter. Minneapolis Poetry Slam FINALS on May 12 at Kieran's. I'll be competing in both. Come scream, because then maybe I'll get higher scores and can get rich and famous.

3. Tru Ruts is on Twitter now too:; I'm on there at

4. Something I've been trying to tell people more lately: if you enjoy an independent artist, buying a CD is great, but it's not the only way to support. Find their websites or myspace pages and POST them to your facebook profile. Or write a short blog about why you like them. Or include them in a Tweet. Word-of-mouth really works.

5. Related to the above, my friend Toni, disappointed in the lack of female voices at both Rock the Bells and Soundset (two of the biggest hip hop festivals in the nation), is posting a video from a different female hip hop artist every week on her facebook, just spreading the word about the fact that yes, they exist, and yes, they're good. Simple ideas like that can have a big impact (more on this coming soon).

6. Wolverine could have been so much better. They wasted Deadpool. And I usually love superhero movies. It's just so obvious how the studio messed with the production (unless the writers were just really bad, which is possible), like when a one-line joke that's perfectly fine is delivered twice so no one misses it, or how every possible character is crammed into a movie that really doesn't need that many, or when horribly cliched scenes somehow make it past the editing process. It was nice, however, to see an Asian-American actor, Daniel Henney, get to be a bad-ass (with actual LINES) outside the realm of martial arts movies. Sure he was a villain, and yeah he died (oops, spoiler)... but he was cool.

7. Look for my review of the new Van Hunt album up on CultureBully soon.

8. Did someone finally win the Chicago/Boston series? I can only watch one overtime and then I usually have to go do something else.

9. Maybe it's because I've been working out a lot, but I find myself listening to, and appreciating, Fall Out Boy quite a bit lately. Quality song-writing (maybe not every lyric is brilliant poetry, but it at least forces you to listen, just in case), great arrangements (songs with TWO hooks are the future), a singer who can actually sing... the titanic amount of hate directed toward them is not justified, people.

10. Yeah, I probably haven't mentioned it a thousand times yet, but I have this EP release party coming up. May 9 at the Nomad. You should come. We'll be taking the act on the road this summer and into the fall too!


Mlekoday said...

I think it's funny that we're two of the biggest haters and we both like Fall Out Boy.

Lotus said...

yea dont see wolverine.. it rely sucked use that $10 (seriouslly that was an expensive peice of shit, you would think that something with that horrible of a script would atleast have better special effects then the matrix wich came out 10 years ago) to go buy a cd. *exited for the slam tomorrow*

samiha said...

i know this post is old, but would you mind hitting us with some of the links that your friend Toni posted?