Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hip Hop Against Homophobia Update

(Photo by Jon Behm for CultureBully)

So a lot of people probably heard about (or attended) the first Hip Hop Against Homophobia back in January at the Nomad with Maria Isa, Toki Wright, Kredentials, Alicia Leafgreen, DJ Shannon Blowtorch, See More Perspective and myself. It was wildly successful-- packed shoulder-to-shoulder by 10pm, had to turn lots of people away, made crazy money for some great organizations.

We also had an all-ages version a few months later at District 202 that featured Chantz, The Tribe and someone else I'm forgetting (I had another show that night and couldn't make it, unfortunately, but I heard it was cool).

Now we have two more in the works: a big one June 13 at the Bedlam Theater w/ Tori Fixx, Johnny Dangerous, DJ Blowtorch and more TBA, and another all-ages one June 27 at the Depot in Hopkins. Me, Big Cats! and our band will be playing the latter one, which is a fundraiser for District 202. Full lineup of acts and sponsors TBA, but both should be pretty big and crazy. Spread the word.

On a related note, apparently the new Rhymefest mixtape is crazy homophobic. Which is a shame, because I've always liked Rhymefest. That's messed up. Spread the word on that as well.


Cole said...

That's brilliant. I'm excited to not be left out in the cold on the next ones.

Lotus said...

I hope these are going to be good, the music at district 202 was good but the event was embarrisinglly sub-par

el guante said...

oh, they'll definitely be good. haha. if they're not, i'll give you a thousand dollars when i'm famous.