Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Verve Grant Winner

So I just got a bunch of money to do spoken-word through Intermedia Arts and the Verve Grant program. With that money, I'm working on a one-man show dealing with the intersection of work and identity; a lot of it is written, and I'm just working on wrapping it up. Look for a production this year sometime.

I'm also not the only winner: Tish Jones, Tou Saiko Lee, Khary Jackson and the Poetic Assassins are all going to be doing big things with year with the support of Verve. Paul Flores was the judge. It's a great group of people; definitely looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

It's refreshing to see (much less be a part of) a program like this. Grants for spoken-word artists? This is the kind of thing we need more of. In the meantime, check out Intermedia Arts, maybe give something; they do some great work.


Anonymous said...

congrats! that´s pretty awesome.

keep your blog updated with info on the one-man show.

Anonymous said...

congrats. i was speaking to paul. and he said, why didn't you all other people (palabristas) apply. i was like, i wanted to pass the torch. he was like, this kid el guante, is he brown? i said, he has a story behind it. he is dope, did he get it. he said. yes and tou saiko lee, and tish jones...etc...etc.

i told him...i am glad great people got the grant.

writing about identity?

this should be really good.