Wednesday, December 10, 2008

feeling dirty... also, big show coming up

I voted for myself on Vita.MN's "best local albums" list. But I was right at number 11, and one more vote for "conscious is not enough" would put me in the top ten, so i did it.

I figure if Jon Jon can vote for Muja, it's only fair. haha. I also voted for Culture Bully for best local blog, but refrained from voting for this one, though I must admit it's pretty spectacular.

This is cool though-- i just heard that the mixtape cracked 500 downloads, which is about where I wanted it to be by now. If you haven't got it yet, go get it-- at my official site or myspace blog, or on this blog if you search for the link.

Also found out the City Pages is printing something about me soon. Lots of year-end attention, and we haven't even made the big announcement about January 23 or the 12/'09 album yet. Wink wink, yo.

Anyways, this is kind of a mishmash post, so i may as well post this too: the flyer for the big show on 12/27. These are about 5 out of my 7 favorite local hip hop acts, so don't miss it:

Me and SeeMore will be playing early, so come early, damn it. Everyone on the bill is phenomenal. Don't miss anything.

Finally, there's this:

Tru Ruts closes out the year with SNOW BALL, featuring performances from the RUTS CREW, with special guests MOOR and djo. The show will also include dvd screenings of highlights from one of the best shows of the year, KRS ONE before a soldout crowd at Trocaderos. Also highlights from the LIGHTNING + THUNDER cd release party, the Mid American Music Festival, a J Dilla Tribute and more. The night will also include an open mic. Come early to sign up and catch the screenings. SNOW BALL is part of Freakin Fridays at the Blue Nile, presented by Rose Up Productions, in collaboration with Tru Ruts.

SNOWBALL featuring El Guante, See More Perspective, Moor, djo + others. 9:00pm music • 18+ • $5. Blue Nile, 2027 East Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55413.

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