Monday, November 17, 2008

what's the doings?

Been a busy month. A few updates:

1. Recap: in October, we played the Junkyard Empire CD Release show with Eyedea & Face Candy, members of the Abstract Pack (!) and of course Junkyard. The next week we played a wild a capella hip hop set in the basement of the Loft for 3 Minute Egg, and then I went out to Dubuque to win the first ever Dubuque Writers' Guild Poetry Slam (I beat Alvin Lau, which was definitely a surprise). Then played Reloaded Wednesdays w/ Toki Wright. Then played the Bedlam Theatre for an ACORN show (did you hear? they're the biggest threat to American democracy in the world! haha). Then played a Catholic prep school (reminded me of Hogwarts). Then had our big Halloween release party/radio interview-- had a packed house, sold lots of CDs, good times. I dressed as Tetsuo from Akira, and Seemore was Gomez Adams... and a zombie.

In November, I hosted the Soapboxing Poetry Slam, then went off to UW Stevens Point with Seemore. The headliner never showed up, so we ended up playing a two-hour set. Songs, spoken-word, a capella/beatboxing stuff; we even brought up a guitar and played an impromptu acoustic set. Then it was off to Madison for the Homegrown Hip Hop Fest where we opened up for Kid Sister. Again, half our set was played in the pit with the audience, and we had a lot of fun. The next day I led a writing workshop and hosted the UW-Madison collegiate poetry slam finals with Queen God-is from Brooklyn. That was one of the best slams I've seen in a long time-- Madison is really becoming a powerhouse on the national slam scene, at least at the college level. Very inspiring. Here's me, there:

2. Been writing more for Culture Bully. Reviewed Q-Tip, John Legend, the Mighty Underdogs, Jedi Mind Tricks (coming soon) and more stuff I'm forgetting. Lots of great content there.

3. The new album, RETURN TO EL GUANTE'S HAUNTED STUDIO APARTMENT, has gotten a fantastic response. I actually listen to it all the time. It's got remixes of songs from my last album, plus some new exclusive tracks. You can hear the "Bring Out Your Dead" Remix at my MySpace, and a new track at Seemore's. The artwork might be my favorite part:

4. Working on two primary projects right now-- a Blackstar-style duo album with Seemore, and a super-secret concept album with Big Cats. It's, if I may say so, on some other shit. More updates soon.

5. I'm also teaching the poetry class at the Center for Hmong Arts and Talent, and have been at Perpich, Marcy, St. Jon's, and other schools doing workshops and stuff. Hopefully there'll still be funding for stuff like this in the next year. Otherwise I'll have to get a real job.

6. More great shows coming up in December, both here in the Twin Cities and elsewhere. See you there!

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