Wednesday, September 17, 2008

in the City Pages

Here's a feature on the upcoming slam season, featuring a walk-through of one of my poems.

And no, I didn't write it. It's in this week's City Pages.

This is cool. I'm exciting about building the slam scene this year-- getting more audience, getting more poets to perform, expanding the base, so to speak. These days, it's not cool for a poet to enjoy slam; the fashionable attitude is that you do it for a while and then "grow out of it." But it's been a lot of fun this past year and has definitely made me a better writer, not just a better performer. And the TC scene is, as Matthew says in the article, pretty great. There's a lot of work to do, but we have a firm foundation to build on.

I'll be competing at the Artists' Quarter in St. Paul on October 6th at 8pm. I'll be just getting back from Madison this coming Sunday, so will miss the Parkway slam this month, and I'm not sure when the next Kieran's slam is but I want to try to make it that one too. Hope to see lots of people out this year.

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