Monday, September 01, 2008

a few RNC protest thoughts

The crowd seemed smaller than expected, but the space was really big too so i have no idea how many people actually showed up. The march was relatively short, though i had to do it one and a half times for various reasons and my feet hurt like hell. Here's a shot of me performing on the main stage:

Obligatory police photo:
Didn't witness any major run-ins with the police, though a segment of the march got a little crazy and there was some pepper spray and all that. Those big sticks are pretty crazy.

And another shot of me performing:

All in all, it was an interesting day. As much as i support large-scale marches and protests, i think they all could be improved organizationally. I'm working on an article along those lines that i'll forward to the appropriate people. The one thing i said before i performed was that i really believe all this marching is next to worthless if people don't take this energy and excitement back with them to their own communities and build/organize there. Hopefully that happens. Election years can wreak havoc on organizing communities, as good activists are sucked into the campaign machine, which IS important, but also distracts from the work that needs to be done every day.

Lots more articles and thoughts coming up.

Oh and the link to the free mixtape will go live very soon, i promise.

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Ned Kelly said...

Dude! I was totally inspired to write a BLOG about RNC protesting (at my own lame Facebook blog) after reading your blog just now, and here's the proof:

... Also, Im super bored and trying to avoid Spanish homework. Yep, you really are making a difference in our lives, one person at a time. =)