Friday, August 08, 2008

National Poetry Slam update!

So my team (St. Paul) competed Wednesday and Thursday night and took first place in both bouts. We'll be competing tonight at the semifinals at the Overture Center against four incredibly talented teams. It's at 8pm and costs $15.

If we win, we'll be at Finals Saturday night. We're the underdogs, but i love all the pieces we're putting up tonight. It should be pretty great.

Nationals as a whole has been good. All the bouts i've been to have been well-attended, by both poets and non-poets alike, though i can't say that that's been the case for every bout. A lot of the heavy hitters and celebrities are here but not competing, or not here at all, so it's been cool to see so many new faces and hear new poems all week.

A few random links:

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