Thursday, August 28, 2008

Conscious Is Not Enough: A Preview

So in the next day or two, i'll be posting a link to my new mixtape, "Conscious Is Not Enough," which you'll be able to download for free.

It's 19 tracks, about half original beats and half jacked beats and deals mainly with the idea of change-- where change really comes from, both on a personal level and institutional level. We're going to be hearing so much about voting in the next few months (particularly from rappers, whether they're genuine or opportunistic), i wanted to put something out that says "yeah go ahead and vote, but voting by itself isn't enough."

That message may, admittedly, come across a bit bluntly on the album here and there, but that was definitely by design. I think we have so many weird cultural hang-ups around preachiness... my philosophy has always been that if you have something to say, say it. Even if people don't like it, you've still said your piece and planted the seed. So many rappers seem obsessed with the idea that sharing an opinion is "bad," so they cloak whatever thoughts they have in layer after layer of metaphor and gibberish. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing-- i think the best political art is about finding the balance, though. Not so blunt that it's boring; not so abstract that it's meaningless.

And if the music itself can back up the message, they're really nothing to worry about anyway. And the music on the mixtape is pretty great i think. I was very lucky to work with some amazing producers and also pick out some really fun beats to jack. I think people will enjoy it. And even if they don't, it's free, so fuck 'em. haha.

In other news i've also just printed a second addition of my book, "SHOTGUN SAMURAI VAMPIRE HIP HOP," that's trimmed down-- took out most of the song lyrics, only link to the essays now, and then added a few poems. That'll be available at shows.

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