Wednesday, May 14, 2008

just posting so the previous post isn't on top

May as well throw out a couple bullet points:

1. I made the St. Paul national slam team. I made the Minneapolis one too, and i live in Minneapolis, but i chose to rep St. Paul at NPS this year. Watch for fundraising performances all summer. I'll post pictures of the slam eventually.

2. I led some great workshops at North High School and South High School this week, and am starting to wonder what the hell i'm going to do this summer. Rap a lot i guess. Look out for an article i wrote about hip hop arts programs and much more coming soon.

3. Check out Culture Bully. They're a music blog, and i'm doing some writing for them now. Had an interview with the Interlock records crew, reviewed the new Gnarls Barkley and Nine Inch Nails, lots more to come. The site is a great mix of local and national, and has all kinds of great features.

4. I'm featuring at the Madison slam finals this Friday, and have four brand-new pieces. It's at the Inn on the Park, Friday at 7pm. All ages, $10.

5. My poster is up at Fifth Element. That's pretty cool.

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