Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Catching Up

Bullet Point Style:

1. Bloggers always apologize for not posting in a while, but whatever. I'm busy and i don't care if you missed me. Ha. Actually, i might be writing for another outlet in a minute, and this blog will have to take a backseat to that. Announcement soon.

2. Last night i won the Minneapolis Grand Slam, which makes me the 2008 Minneapolis Slam Champion. I know people might accuse me of some false humility or whatever, but i honestly didn't expect this. It's nice though, because i performed three poems that i really believe in politically, philosophically and artistically, so it was cool to see them validated by strangers like that. Mostly, i'm just happy that i made a National Poetry Slam team, because NPS is in Madison this year and i have to return to my second home to beat the Madison team. Not sure if i'll compete at the St. Paul Finals yet-- might be on tour in May.

Photo courtesy of Hoainam Tran

3. Just got back from South High in Minneapolis-- did all-day workshops for a bunch of classes. I don't understand how you people can do this 8 hour thing every day. Once a week is good for me.

4. Lots of great shows in the past month: opened for PM Dawn a few days ago; just about caused a riot at a middle school-- good to know the kids appreciate my angry music; saw KRS-ONE live for the first time, which was amazing; performed at an AME Church, which was beautiful; performed at the Minneapolis Urban League with Truthmaze and Tish Jones; did a bunch of workshops... like i said, been busy. It's nice to have hip hop shows, poetry shows, writing workshops and social justice workshops in the arsenal-- never gets boring.

4. So this new Atmosphere album is ridiculous. Haven't let it soak in yet, but it's really impressive. They could have done the same 'ol same 'ol and people would have loved it, but they're pushing the envelope. Should be a really interesting live show. Loving "puppets" and "guarantees."

4. Same for the new Kanser album. "Legacy" is beautiful, beautiful song. You can hear it at their MySpace.

5. As long as we're talking about local music, man, you need to check out Chastity Brown. Great voice, great melodies, great instrumentation, but more than anything, great LYRICS. Probably my favorite local act next to Big Quarters.

6. The album is going to be on Itunes soon. Updates to come. THANKS to everyone who has already bought it at shows or straight from me; really appreciate the feedback.

7. Tish Jones, one of my favorite poets and favorite people in the city, is celebrating her birthday along with Desdamona's at the Blue Nile this Saturday the 26th. Come through. Should be a good time.

8. I'll end on this. Michael Jordan, a student at South High, wrote this poem, which completely blew me away. I don't think he'll mind my posting it:

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