Wednesday, March 19, 2008

eventually i'll stop blogging about myself

... but in the meantime check out these videos!

Bring Out Your Dead (live w/ long intro)

That's Sha Cage with the lovely intro, DJ Fundamentalist on the tables and See More Perspective backing me up. The intro is "Memory" from the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack, which blends into the "Back to Black" beat from Mark Ronson/Amy Winehouse, which turns into the actual song, which was produced by Tracksmith of the Figureheads. We let that intro ride for a long time to build some tension, and the masks are definitely creepy. We didn't have to jack those two beats, but they just fit the vibe of the set so perfectly, i figured why not? The song itself is based on the film "J'accuse," wherein dead soldiers from WWI rise up and march through the streets of Paris demanding justice. That's a pretty powerful image, and i wanted to write a song about how every war is an endless war, how we are all affected by war even when we're not on the front lines. For the live show, we cut out the last verse (which more explicitly deals with some of that stuff), but you can hear it on the album.

Scratching the Surface with a Sledgehammer (live)

This song was also produced by Tracksmith of the Figureheads. If you know my writing, you know that i like to criticize what i love as much as what i hate. And i love underground hip hop, so i feel like it's important to call out some of the negative stuff i see going on there-- namely, overly-formulaic songwriting. Not the most poetic or nuanced song ever, but sometimes it's fun to just yell at people. For the third verse, we flipped the Tracksmith beat into the Nas "Get Down" beat, which is just beautiful-- so smooth, so easy to rap over. I try to include some form of this song in every set; i think it's important to go beyond "fuck bush" and talk about where change really comes from. It's a discussion we don't often have in this country.

Anyways, big ups to G.Dot for filming this for me.

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