Wednesday, March 05, 2008

El Guante's Haunted Van Tour

A whole bunch of CD release parties:

3/6 Milwaukee:

3/7 West Chicago:

3/8 Madison:

3/9 Chicago:

3/14 Minneapolis:

3/15 Cedar Rapids:

more coming soon too.


Molly said...

put your CD on cdbaby or somewhere where I can order it...since I could not make it to your show!

el guante said...

it'll be on itunes soon. i'll be inundating the world with press when that happens.

Molly said...

nice work

how do you even go about getting shit on itunes?

write a blog about that

el guante said...

stop ordering me around!

Molly said...


i'm a demanding person, what can I say.

you're just lucky that i comment, because your counter may say that 30,000 people are visiting this site, but 30,000 people clearly are not commenting

jk (i like to comment)