Tuesday, March 25, 2008

City Pages, Isthmus and TC Daily Planet weigh in on EL GUANTE'S HAUNTED STUDIO APARTMENT

Honestly, i AM going to get back to writing actual blogs and not just promoting myself, soon. But these are some ridiculously great reviews that i have to share:

"[EL GUANTE'S HAUNTED STUDIO APARTMENT] is a megaton bomb on local indie rap, bound to be the heaviest breath of fresh air hip hop heads will suck in all year..." --Jordan Selbo, CITY PAGES 3/24/08

"[EL GUANTE'S HAUNTED STUDIO APARTMENT] is an album that's sure to put El Guante on the verge of national exposure..." --Rich Albertoni, ISTHMUS 3/6/08

Equal parts insightful and inciteful, Haunted Apartment is an inspiring declaration for those who love hip-hop’s potential for social change but hate how little that potential’s realized.  --Justin Schell, TWIN CITIES DAILY PLANET, 4/9/08

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