Saturday, January 26, 2008

Listening Party Photos!

Wow. Easily the most fun i've had since i moved to Minneapolis. This past Friday, we had the EL GUANTE'S HAUNTED STUDIO APARTMENT listening party in conjunction with Superheros of Sound in conjunction with Freakin' Fridays in conjunction with a b-girl's birthday. Those things, all put together, made for one hell of a show. Big shout to Chicago's Gilead7 and DJ Itch13, both of whom killed it. Poetic Assassins opened the night. See More Perspective hosted, I performed over some random DJ beats, and the night was headlined by Posnosys, a ridiculously hot band. And since it was the listening party for the album, the DJ played a bunch of tracks, all of which sounded great-- people dancing to "Harry Potter" and "Bring Out Your Dead" was really something to see. A few other things to see (all photos courtesy of the tremendously talented M.Lo!):

Me, listening... at the party:
This cipher went all night:
...and it included some of the states very best b-boys and b-girls:
here's Posnosys, who brought down the house:
and it just keeps going:every Friday at the Blue Nile in Minneapolis:
For those who don't know, we're having the album release party back at the Blue Nile on Friday, March 14th. If it's half as hype as the listening party (and i have to assume it'll be TWICE as hype), it's going to be a damn good time.

It's great to be a part of an indie-hip hop show (series of shows now, really) where people are dancing the whole time, the crowd is diverse and energetic and visibly happy (not to mention BIG), the sound is perfect, the DJ is amazing, all that; it's refreshing. I love grimy headnodding backpacker shows as much as the next guy, but this is just a different kind of energy. We're going to keep building at the Blue Nile-- something good will be happening every Friday there. Be sure to come through.

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