Thursday, December 27, 2007

not a top ten list

just some random holiday bullet points:

1. I've been saying it a lot, but January will mark the actual, physical completion of my new album, EL GUANTE'S HAUNTED STUDIO APARTMENT. We're putting the finishing touches on the artwork this week, and the tracks will be fully mastered soon. We're already booking release parties too: 3/14 in Minneapolis at the Blue Nile, 3/7 in Madison (not set in stone, but a good ballpark), and more dates coming soon for Milwaukee, Chicago and elsewhere. I'll probably be doing lots of self-promotion in the coming months, so forgive me.

2. Check this out: I got "Farewell of the Year" in Rich Albertoni's "Top Stories in Madison Music" article over at Isthmus. Can't wait to go back again-- i'll probably be there in mid-February for a few shows and some promo stuff.

3. We helped put together and promote a youth activism conference in Minneapolis a few months back, and here's the site of the national org that's spearheading these conferences all over the country: Youth Noise. It'll be interesting to see how this site develops. Hoping for big things.

4. I still haven't heard Lupe's new album. I know, I know. Go to hell. I've noticed that he has a pretty rabid fan base though-- anytime a blogger or message board says something even slightly critical of the guy, a horde of people show up to post vitriolic comments. Traffic here ain't bad, but it could always be better, so just allow me to say: LUPE FIASCO IS SLIGHTLY OVERRATED. Ooooh. Burn.

5. Jermaine Dupri, Young Jeezy and Mickey Avalon? Really? I mean, REALLY?

6. So i'm watching football on Sunday, and am shocked as hell at how out-in-the-open these commercials are about telling men what it means to be a man. It's not that i don't expect that type of ad to exist, it's just that they're so explicit. One would think that in the age of political correctness and metrosexuality or whatever that we could cool it with the "real men do this, feminized pansies do that" advertisements. It's like every other commercial, whether about cars, beer, jewelry or hamburgers-- they're all trying to tell me that unless i drink beer, drive a big expensive truck and act like a dumbass, i'm not a man. Fuck you. It makes me glad i can only watch the game a few times each season.

7. And on top of that, the game itself was awful. Though it's probably a blessing in disguise-- with such a pass-heavy team, they'll probably be better off in Dallas rather than Lambeau in January. (Yeah: "politics, hip hop, rage, sports." I'm multi-faceted).

8. Big Quarters and Kanser are playing the Dinkytowner on New Year's Eve. That should be fun. If i can overcome my anti-social agoraphobia i might actually go. Either way, YOU should go.

9. Almost forgot: PERSEPOLIS is coming out as an animated film. Go see it. The book was good, but from the clips i've seen the film looks even better.

10. Even though my profession (RAP GOD) isn't always exactly high-stress, i'm still treating this week like a vacation. Played some Warcraft 2 (classic), ate a lot of carrots, watched movies, spent time with old friends. I'll post some more interesting, meaningful and in-depth blogs (with beautiful pictures for looking-at) when i get back. I promise.


hastings said...

Yeah, bloggers are always overrating Lupe:

"I could listen to Jay-Z and Lupe Fiasco forever--both so smooth yet intricate."

el guante said...


Ned Kelly said...

Oh for real, Warcraft 2, I used to stay up all night playing that game and burning 12 year olds hardcore in like 1998 or whatever. Starcraft was also cool, but I never was as into it. Now I play EVE online ( made by these Icelandic freaks, be careful if you check it out, it is for serious nerds only.