Monday, September 24, 2007

Nas told me hip hop was dead, so...'s a bunch of other songs i like. Some good live stuff from the Youtube abyss. And remember, i'm a hip hop head, so i don't want any scenesters criticizing me because Muse isn't cool anymore or anything like that. Enjoy.

1. Saul Williams and Nine Inch Nails: List of Demands LIVE

Best-dressed man ever. And he sounds perfect with NIN-- i'd actually pay money to see that concert.

2. Regina Spektor: Apres Moi LIVE

This was my favorite song on her big breakthrough album. There's better footage out there, but i like this performance better because it includes the rest of the band-- when they come in toward the end it's just chilling.

3. Gogol Bordello: Start Wearing Purple LIVE

Tell me this ain't the greatest song ever. I dare you. I like the recorded version better, but you can find a youtube of the video out there. Figured i'd post this live clip.

4. Muse: Time is Running Out LIVE

Yeah, an old song, but i got to thinking about Muse again after hearing another of their songs on the trailer to that vampires in alaska movie. They might be a Radiohead ripoff and they might not be the most technically amazing band ever, but they sure can write hooks and build suspense.

5. The Easy All Stars: Let Down (Radiohead cover) LIVE

Again, the album version is better-- it features Toots and the Maytals, but this is cool too. If you haven't heard this album (it's all of OK Computer covered in dub and reggae style), check it out. Radiodread.

6. Yoko Kanno and Seatbelts: Tank! LIVE

Yoko Kanno is my hero. She's just amazing. This is, of course, the theme song to Cowboy Bebop. I really don't know what i'd make of this song without that prior knowledge.

7. Wilco: California Stars LIVE

I'll stop here with a decidedly less hype song. This is from the Wilco/Billy Bragg album of songs written by (or at least the lyrics anyway) Woodie Guthrie. This is the most relentlessly heartbreaking song ever. I didn't like the live version at first, but when he gets to that third verse and plays with the melody it really hits.

I could keep going-- maybe this will be a regular thing: "Some Rapper's Favorite Non-Rap Songs" or something. I wanted to find good live footage of Pedro the Lion's "The Poison," but couldn't. Maybe next time.

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