Monday, August 06, 2007

National Poetry Slam 2007

(photo by Andy Manis for the State Journal)

I'll be covering the event for Isthmus' TheDailyPage all week, starting tonight or tomorrow most likely.

I'll link to them here as well.

We're leaving this evening, due to arrive in Austin around midnight. Another big thanks to everyone who came out for our exhibition Saturday night, despite the rain. That event, plus a grant from the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets, will cover our travel expenses, thank god. Still have to pay for the hotel and a hundred What-A-Burgers, but that shouldn't be too hard for a street-hardened, fiery-tongued master pickpocket like myself. Just kidding. I'm a rapper; i have loads of money.

So yeah-- check out those blurbs. Especially for people in Madison; as NPS 2008 is going to be there and this could give you a little taste of what to expect.

Also, check out the Wisconsin State Journal article on the Madison team.

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