Saturday, August 18, 2007

a brief intermission

Waited two hours for a cab last night. That's the worst thing that's happened so far on my Minneapolis journey. Apartment doesn't seem to be haunted. Yet. There's a farmers' market on Thursdays. The people here are nice.

Big ups to Cougar for bringing me in to open for them last night at the Triple Rock. Those are really the kind of shows i want to be focusing on up here-- opening for different genres, playing spoken-word gigs on top of hip hop ones, having my feet in different communities. Got another show tonight at the Red Sea, and i have no idea what it's going to be like. Also playing a benefit for the bridge collapse next Sunday at Foundation.

But the big thing is getting this album finished up. I think i'm going to record one more song, and then go to get it mastered. My amazing cousin is doing the artwork for the full album and the two singles. It's going to be a triptych. Now that i don't have a day job, it'll be really nice to have something to sell. Then maybe i can put some EGG in my ramen.

Big things planned for the blog once i get settled in. Bigger, i mean, than me talking about my life. More articles, essays, one-act plays, pictures, youtubery, etc. Stay tuned.

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Elaine said...

Hey, good to see you're having a good time in Minneapolis!

I was wondering if you had time to jot down some suggestions on how to write a spoken word piece for my students. I'm trying to incorporate spoken word into my curriculum for the first quarter of my class here in Chicago. I thought it would be good to get some suggestions from you, b/c then I can play some of your songs, or some of the stuff on youtube, along with the advice. I'M PLUGGIN YOU MAN, HELP ME OUT. ;) I'm not very good at it, and I like to look to my people who do stuff a lot better than I do.

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