Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sean Price in Colorado: wacky antics abounds

Further proof that YouTube is the holy grail of lazy bloggers. Actually, i got a lot to do this week (last full week in Madison), so no mind-destroyingly illuminating essays. Just Sean Price getting a crowd of white people to say the n-word:

So here's my PSA to white people:

As a partially white person myself, allow me to be frank.

Don't ever say the n-word.

Under any circumstances.

It's not that it's the worst thing in the universe you could do, it's just that it's never NECESSARY. Stop looking for loopholes. Stop feeling like you're being discriminated against. Just because your Afro-Am professor says it's cool to use it in class for the purposes of free-flowing conversation, or just because your one black friend doesn't mind, or just because you're alone in your car singing along to "Golddigger," none of these situations ever necessitate its use.


White people who whine about my stance on this (and there are quite a few) seem to think that it's not "fair."

Boooooo. Hooooooo.

I'm not even getting into the centuries-old history of the word, the power of language in shaping attitudes, ideas of ownership and privilege, none of that. I'm just saying that if you, as a white person, come across a situation where it MIGHT seem to be "okay" to use the word, just don't. Why walk that line? What's the point?

You're not losing something amazing by *not* saying the word. It's not the verbal equivalent of a waterslide. It doesn't taste like strawberries on your tongue. Just let it go.

"But it's just a word," they say.

I think the above video points to something a lot more insidious. It points to the fact that a whole lot of white people consider themselves to be "past" racism. Like "i'm so non-racist, i can say or do whatever i want-- it'll be ironic and that's so cool these days." Hip hop fans in particular. I'm sure these kids aren't kard-karrying klan members, but the fact that they don't understand why it's not okay to say the n-word points to a deeper cultural problem i think. "Everything is cool now. We're all on the same level and can say whatever we want." Which just isn't true.

I could say more, but i have to go rap for Kindergarteners today. That should be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

"it doesn't taste like strawberries on your tongue." -Guante

I'm going to store that line in my arsenal.