Thursday, July 26, 2007

actually, a whole lot of coverage of the 7/28 show

I'll update this blog as the week progresses so everyone can see how great i am. See, this blog isn't that self-deprecating. Linky goodness: When El Guante Leaves Madison He May Take His Voice But He'll Leave a Legacy. El Guante takes leave of Madison.

Emcees Without Voices: Snoop Bloggy Blog.

Emcees Without Voices: El Guante thinks he's better than kids.

Isthmus Ombudsman: El Guante eats mad food. El Guante's "Harry Potter" leaks to the internets

Isthmus Ombudsman: El Guante blah blah blah

Print version of the Onion:

Print version of Isthmus (that photo, sans pink tint, is by Hoainam Tran):

Print version of POST:

Wisconsin State Journal article on the National Slam Team:

It's amazing what you can do when you know how to write a good press release and have no humility.


el guante said...

i just noticed that that middle picture of me performing really looks like the emperor in star wars shooting lighting out his hands.

hastings said...

did we meet before or after you talked to Albertoni? My ego assumes that I subliminally prompted the Daily Page Taste of Asia shout-out, but I figured I'd double-check.

And yeah, more on Dane101 forthcoming, just been dragging my feet.

el guante said...

yeah i talked to you first. i guess i just talk about chinese food in every interview i give. that's love.

mel said...

i don't understand. did you change your name from "el guante" to "El Guante"? What would happen if bell hooks did that? WHAT WOULD HAPPEN?!