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Aside from poetry and music, I've been a freelancer, staff writer, editor and blogger for a bunch of different publications. I also wrote a book. Here are some highlights. Be sure to check out the "Ten Most Popular Posts of All Time" section in the right sidebar too.

Popular Resources

On Gender, Masculinity and Rape Culture
How Men Can Take an Active Role in Dismantling Rape Culture
"Men's Rights Activists" and the New Sexism
Why I'm Thankful for Feminism
Three Points About Rape Jokes that People Seem to be Ignoring
Outrage is Easy: on Rick Ross, Rape and Responsibility
On Boycotting the B-Word
Why Aren’t There More Female MCs? A Case Study in How Sexism Works
On Sexism in Indie Hip Hop
Ten Responses to the Phrase "Man Up" (poem)
Handshakes (poem)
Action (poem)

On Racism and Racial Justice
An Open Letter to White People About Trayvon Martin
How to Completely Miss the Point in a Conversation About Racism
Practical Ways We Can Stop Centering Everything Around White People's Feelings
Re-Framing the Debate Around Racist Halloween Costumes
On Power and History: Five False Equivalencies
Apology Not Accepted: on Joel Brinkley, Vietnam, and Intent vs. Impact
Preemptively Responding to Comments on My Nonexistent Op-Ed About Macklemore
"The Invisible Backpacker of Privilege:" Whiteness in Indie Hip Hop
Confessions of a White Rapper (poem)

On Homophobia and the Struggle for LGBTQ Rights
Marriage Equality and the Myth of Inevitability
On Homophobia in "Conscious" Hip Hop
A History of the Hip Hop Against Homophobia Series
Neutral (poem)

On Media
Eight Responses to Common Pop-Culture Arguments About Offensiveness
Responding to Common Arguments About What Is or Isn’t Offensive
When You Hate that You Love a Piece of Art or Pop Culture
Five Lessons Slam Poetry Taught Me About Media
Beyond ‘Slacktivism’: Reframing Social Media as Independent Media
Cherry Spoon Bridge to Nowhere: on the Iconography of the Twin Cities
The Oscars, Bad Jokes and Bully Culture
A Visit from the PC Police (poem)

On Hip Hop
Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Hip Hop
Hip Hop: A Panel Discussion
How to Write About Hip Hop
How to Read About Hip Hop
Six Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Getting Started as an Artist
A Beginner's Guide to Twin Cities Hip Hop
A Few Next Steps Regarding Local Hip Hop and Media
In Defense of “Local Artists”

On Spoken Word
Consolidated List of Resources for Aspiring Spoken Word Artists
A Beginner's Guide to Spoken Word and Slam Poetry (videos)
Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Spoken Word and Slam Poetry
Twin Cities Spoken Word Event Finder

Resources for Activists and Organizers
The MN Activist Project
How to Effectively Organize and Promote an Event
Planting Seeds vs. Planting Crops: How Artists Can Support Movements
Activists and Artists Should be Better at Social Media; Here Are a Few Tips and Tactics
Artist-Activist Partnerships: Five Tips for Booking Your Benefit
Beyond the Benefit: 3 Ways Artists Can Have a Concrete Impact on the Election and the Larger Movement
Why Representative Event Lineups Matter
Russell Brand, Ty Moore and the Difference Between Voting as a Strategy and Voting as a Tactic
"A Pragmatist's Guide to Revolution" + a few post-election thoughts
What One Person Can Do About _______

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