Friday, January 20, 2017

Our Fear Is Valid, and So Is Our Courage: On Art and Artists in Trump's USA

A nice photo of me, but look at the writing on the board. These aren't conversations I ever had in traditional arts education spaces, and I think they're ones that we need to have.
Way back in 2013, I wrote a series of pieces for collaborative blog Opine Season, alongside some of my favorite local writers-- Kao Kalia Yang, Ricardo Levins Morales, Vina Kay, Chaun Webster and others.

Using the inauguration as a jumping-off point, Opine Season just relaunched. Here's my first piece for 2017, sharing questions I want to challenge myself and others to ask regarding the role of art and artists in the current historical moment.

UPDATE: Here's my SECOND piece for Opine Season, a collaborative op-ed looking at the phrase "this is not normal," and how that might impact our actions moving forward.

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